Party Hard Tycoon at PAX West 2016

While we’re still a ways from its release, Tiny Build had its first public build of Party Hard’s spiritual, genre changed successor Party Hard Tycoon available for demos at PAX West.

Your goal is simple: build the biggest, most exciting party on the budget you can afford.¬†For purposes of my Demo I had unlimited budget, so I cannot strictly speak on the difficulty of the game, but I can definitely tell you that budget isn’t everything. Even with my budget, I still failed to make the best party possible, there’s certainly a required finesse that I lacked when it comes to placing down things to make the party exciting.


There’s a few main steps to planning a party. First, you have to pick the location to rent out, be it a mansion, a rooftop party, or one of the many other types of venue. Following that you’ve got to choose your marketing budget. The more you spend the more potential you have at attracting people to your party. Keep in mind that it is possible to over spend and have too many people wanting to attend your party at a limited capacity venue. After marketing is done, you have to pick a theme for your party. The best advice I can provide is that you try to make sure that your theme matches your venue. Last but not least in the planning phase, you get to pick your staff, ranging from bouncers to entertainers, it’s going to be valuable to find the right mix. A key piece of advice provided to me was that a bouncer is always useful to have around, lest your party be dragged down by people who aren’t enjoying themselves.


Once you’re done the planning, you’re going to have to decide how you want your party arranged. Do you have enough speakers and lights to cover the entire floor without having zones that are overlapping too much? How do you want your party catered? Are you going to have a tiny bar, or a massive one? ¬†Every piece of party equipment you place can make the party better, but they do all have a cost, so don’t blow the budget!



This was a game I didn’t want to put down on the show floor, but unfortunately good things do have to come to an end. I’ve got my eyes on Party Hard Tycoon, and if you’re into simulation, building, or strategy titles, Party Hard Tycoon should prove to be an exciting pick up when it releases later this year.