Stardew Valley at PAX West 2016

Eric Barone, better known as Concerned Ape, was at his first ever convention this year. The creator of the much-beloved Stardew Valley was showing off the game, and demoing the upcoming 1.1 patch. The patch adds, among other things, new farm types for players who want to focus on parts of the game other than farming.

Starting a new game after version 1.1 will allow players to choose from one of five farm layouts. The first is the standard farm that we’re familiar with now. “Riverlands” is the first new one, a fishing farm with large water coverage that will actually contain fish, rather than junk. Small islands connected by bridges dot the watery part of the farm. The second new farm is called “Forest”. Its western edge is full of foragable items and a new and unique weed type. It also contains stumps that will regrow, something other players can’t access until later in the game. The cliff-laden “Hilltop” has a mine to the south-west of the farm, which contains unique geode-bearing stones, as well as ores. Finally, “Wilderness” is a farm with a large area that will become unsafe at night, when monsters start to prowl.

The Hilltop farm style

Some other things are going to be added in version 1.1 of Stardew Valley, including more events, more marriage candidates, and new crops. The much-requested ability to move buildings is also coming, allowing people to re-work their farm layouts without having to tear stuff down. Two things we’ll have to wait a little bit longer for are co-op and console versions of the game. Console is just a little bit ahead, and should be dropping in time for the holiday season. Co-op, meanwhile, is a little bit further away, and is expected to come out in early 2017. Patch 1.1 meanwhile, should be coming out sometime next month once Concerned Ape (who made the game on his own) finishes up everything that needs to be done. For more details on patch 1.1 and anything coming to Stardew Valley in the future, you can check out Concerned Ape’s blog.

Are you a Stardew Valley fan? Will you start a new farm when 1.1 comes out?

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