The Metronomicon at PAX West 2016

Do you like Guitar Hero? How about DDR? Have you played Rockband Unplugged? Are RPG games the source of all happiness? If you answered yes to any or all of those, boy does Kasedo Games have a game for you.

Set in an RPG world, The Metronomicon is about the lives of its people as a dance party crashed into their homeland. A school was founded to find out where it came from and why it crashed. The school helps students develop their dancing skills so they can investigate and fight off the minions that try and stop them.

Yes, there are dancing bears in cute shirts.
Yes, there are dancing bears in cute shirts.

As an avid enjoyer of music games, being able to check this game out was an absolute pleasure. I’ve played Rockband Unplugged before, so the system was familiar and presented little challenge to learn. If you haven’t played it before, you’re basically playing all four instruments in Rockband at the same time, switching between the lanes and keeping your streak up. The Metronomicon has a similar style, which is nice to see in more games. Instead of instruments though, you’ll be controlling classes and their equipment, like the wizard for example, who has a more complex note chart but powerful attacks. In order to use your attacks, you’ll be hitting notes in a DDR style, meaning you’ll be using the arrows on your keyboard/xbox controller/dancepad (hopefully added soon!)/guitar hero controller. As you build up streaks, you’ll be able to use certain attacks or spells that are bound to that note streak. If you mess up your streak, no worries! Instead of losing points, you’ll use the attack that you lost your streak on. For example, I’ll configure my cleric’s spells as heal, curse, and a third spell I can’t think of a name for. After a certain streak of notes hit, I’ll be able to switch lanes and use heal, or continue that same note streak to instead use curse or my third spell. Through the efficient use of streaks and switching between the four party members, you shouldn’t have too much trouble defeating the bosses before the songs end, or finishing off that final zombie in one of the many challenges that are offered in a dedicated challenge mode.


If managing health and spells while playing your music game isn’t quite your cup of tea, there’s also an option to play the game like any old music game out there, forgoing the RPG route for a music-centred route. The game uses three difficulties for newbies and veterans alike, and you won’t fall asleep reading text because all of the cutscenes are fully voiced. With fifty songs at release, and four tracks per song, The Metronomicon is sure to be a hit. I’m excited for it, and I really hope everybody else can too.

The Metronomicon will launch on PC and Mac September 29, 2016,  with plans to hit consoles at a later date, TBA.

Kasedo Games also has a youtube channel with updates and info about the game, so go check them out if this fancies you!


What do you think of The Metronomicon? How do you feel about the unique blend of Music and RPG?

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