Halo 5 Company Battles – October 3, 2016

Hello all, and welcome back to Halo 5 Company Battles! I know, I know, I’m late again. In my defence, I was having trouble accessing Halo Waypoint to get the data on the first of the month. In less of my defence, I…kinda forgot on the second. You all know how this works, on the first and sixteenth of each month (hopefully), I grab the K/D and win rates from RUL’s four Spartan Companies in Halo 5. The Companies are Actual, Cobra, Mako, and Xeno, and they sure like their rivalries! Speaking of those rivalries, let’s get down to business:


Getting into Arena, Mako continues to close in on the stagnant Actual in terms of K/D, albeit slowly. On the other hand, Cobra and Xeno have apparently had enough of each other, and are drifting further and further apart. Turning to win percentage, we see Actual drop…to Mako’s level! Is Actual’s Heyday coming to an end?



Turning to Warzone, everyone’s movin’ on up in terms of K/D. As a side note, I probably just got the theme song of The Jeffersons stuck in your head. Actual’s staying pretty flat, allowing Mako to shoot up even further past them. Cobra and Xeno however, are looking pretty parallel. These two might stay neck-and-neck for a while if this keeps up. Turning to win percentage, we see Xeno drop yet again. Oh well, they try!