Halo: Mythos – An exhibition of excellence in writing, art & production

The Halo universe is complicated. It’s huge, fascinating, awe-inspiring but also increasingly complex, and that’s only going to continue to increase for as long as Halo continues as a franchise. That almost sounds like a bad thing, especially for fans of the lore with less time than they would like to catch-up on all the excellent new books and other media.

However, such a problem simply demands a way of keeping fans clued-up with the many characters, events and conflicts of the Halo fiction without losing the unique craftsmanship and “magic” that can only be found in a Halo story. That solution comes in the form of Halo: Mythos, a 200+ page compendium of knowledge that covers the duration of the Halo universe thus far – from the time of the Ancients and the Battle of Charum Hakkor all the way through to Cortana’s uprising and the first signs of the UNSC Spirit of Fire’s return.

Halo Enforcer

Halo: Mythos is no simple storybook, though. Every entry, every page draws the reader in with a concise yet detailed explanation of the relevant topic, whilst stunning artwork backdrops the entire affair creating something of an exhibition of the marvellous, breathtaking and sometimes terrifying events that have unfolded over Halo‘s history. Over fifty stunning pieces of brand-new artwork adorn the pages of this book, ensuring that even the most committed of Halo fans will find something new to enjoy in this book.

Put simply, if you’re a Halo fan, you won’t be disappointed with this definitive guide to one of the largest and deepest story universes in video gaming history. The straight-forward layout and presentation coupled with inspiring visual masterpieces makes it an easy yet fascinating read whilst maintaining a level of elegance that makes it the perfect coffee-table piece for avid fans.

Halo: Mythos is available now from selected bookstores and online retailers including Amazon.com – don’t miss out on this excellent piece of Halo history!