Hand of Fate Tabletop Game Announced

During PAX West this September, I got to check out Hand of Fate 2, the upcoming sequel to the highly enjoyable deck-building RPG from early 2015. Physical decks from the original Hand of Fate exist, given out to Kickstarter backers of the game. Defiant Development, the developer of the series has talked about a re-issue of these cards, but soon we’ll have one better: a real-life, physical Hand of Fate tabletop game!

On November 1, Defiant Development and board game publisher Rule & Make announced that a board game version of Hand of Fate is currently in the works. It makes a lot of sense, Hand of Fate is essentially a tabletop video game. It looks promising too, although we don’t have a lot of news about how the game will work yet, we can be fairly certain Hand of Fate fans will enjoy it. Both Rule & Make and Defiant are based out of Queensland, Australia, meaning the companies will be able to work together closely in making the game. Alistair Kearney, the Head of Production at Rule & Make, emphasised this, saying “[Rule & Make is] confident [our proximity to Defiant Development] will mean the end result will be an excellent representation of the HoF universe, bringing the vision of both companies to life.”



While information about what the game will be is a bit scarce at this point, Defiant promises that we’ll learn more after PAX Australia, which runs from November 4 to November 6. I’ll definitely update you guys once we do get more information, but I’m very excited about this news, and I couldn’t wait to talk about it. Two new Hand of Fate games coming out! I would never have imagined this a couple months ago, playing the alpha build of Hand of Fate 2 on the noisy convention floor. Honestly, this news may pull me away from Civ VI for a while to play the original game, and THAT is a feat. 😉

For more information about the Hand of Fate board game, check out the announcement of the game over at Rule & Make’s website.