ReadyUpLive’s Finally Having a Game Night! (Or Two!)

My wonderful dudes and dudettes, it’s been far too long. We know people have been curious and patient for this quite overdue event. Therefore, allow me to introduce to you our first RUL Night in who knows how long!

Ready Up Live on MCC

This weekend, beginning Friday night, we’ll be holding our first Overwatch night, during the free play weekend no less! So get downloading (On Friday if you don’t own the game) and we’ll see you there for custom game madness! If Overwatch isn’t your thing, don’t fret! On Saturday, we’ll be hosting Halo: MCC custom games as well! Stick around this weekend, because it’s going to be jam packed with fun!

We’ll be rotating people in and out of lobbies as messages come, so keep an eye on your notifications!

To make our lives easier, we request that you please do not send messages before the game night starts.

Cheers folks, and we’ll see you there!



Friday, November 18th @ 8PM EST, 5PM PST Join us on Overwatch!

Saturday, November 19th @ 8PM EST, 5PM PST Join us on Halo: MCC!



RUL Guitarguy (Community Coordinator) (Friday/Saturday)

Scribs (Community Coordinator) (Friday/Saturday)