Civilization VI – Poland DLC and Winter Update

Civilization VI has received its first DLCiv, Poland under Jadwiga. Alongside the new civ, the multiplayer scenario Jadwiga’s Legacy, which tasks players with “[defending] Poland, Prague, and Vienna from invaders including the Teutonic Knights and Ottoman Turks”. In addition to the new civ, the latest patch for Civ VI is out, ironing out some wrinkles and adding some much-requested features to the game.

The first DLC civilization for Civ VI, Poland, is led by Jadwiga. No longer the OP monster from Civ V, Poland still looks like a civ that can perform extremely well. Their unique ability, Golden Liberty, will capture all tiles surrounding a fort or encampment when one is built. This functions the same way as a citadel in Civilization V (or a great artist culture bomb in vanilla), and can even be used to take land from Poland’s neighbours. Jadwiga’s unique ability makes this even more powerful, as capturing another civ’s land in this way will cause the city belonging to that land to flip to her religion. She also gets bonus gold, faith, and culture from relics, and greater adjacency bonuses from Holy Sites. Finally, Poland trades one military policy card slot (arguably the worst kind in the game), for a wildcard slot (undoubtedly the best). Though they might not be as powerful as getting free policies is in Civ V, Civilization VI‘s Poland is undoubtedly very strong.


The winged hussar, Poland’s unique land unit, returns in Civilization VI. Functionally the same as in Civ V, the winged hussar forces enemies to retreat if it deals more damage than it takes. If the unit is unable to retreat, it suffers additional damage. An okay unit, the winged hussar is much better on the defensive than on the offensive. While bonus damage is always great if you can corner an enemy, you don’t want your foes to be retreating if you’re attacking. Finally, Poland gets the Sukiennice, or cloth hall, as its unique building. The Sukiennice provides bonus production from international trade routes, and bonus gold from domestic trade routes.

Finally, the Viking Scenario Pack adds a new scenario, new city-states, and three new wonders. The Vikings, Traders, and Raiders! scenario pits players against each other for 100 turns. Playing as Harald Hardrada, King Canute, and Olaf Skotkonung, players can raid the Mediterranean, the shores of Western Europe, and England. But war isn’t all there is to this scenario, players will also have to build a strong religion, and conquer the world economy through trade. The scenario lasts 300 years, running from 787 to 1087


The latest update to Civ VI also provides some gameplay changes and bug fixes. Just as in last month’s update, I’m going to go over some of the ones I think are best.

  • Alert option
    • This is one that should have been in the base game. Units will now be able to go to sleep, waking up automatically when an enemy unit is near.
  • Religious units can now fortify until healed
    • Religious units were always hard to keep alive. They could be hurt during religious combat, just like military units in combat. However, they couldn’t heal, you had to go back home to do that. And when you were far away from home converting heathens, it wasn’t easy.
  • Great Admirals are no longer allowed to spawn on wonders in water tiles (ex. Huey, Great Lighthouse) so they cannot become stranded in lakes
    • I’ve never had this happen to me, but I’ve heard of it happening. A trapped Admiral is useless.
  • Decreased production costs of all Space Race Projects by 40%.
    • Science victory can be hard in Civ VI, simply because of the huge amount of hammers that Projects and spaceship parts need. Hopefully this will help it be less of a long slog.
  • Spaceport district no longer requires population to construct
    • This was an annoying one. It’s harder to get cities to high population in Civ VI than it was in Civ VI, simply because of how population works. However cities required a high pop to construct spaceports, which are needed for a science victory.
  • Improved AI Deal negotiations and analysis
    • Anything that makes the AI less dumb is a plus in my book. It’s a pushover in Civ VI trade negotiations.

Many more changes have been made, but these are some of my favourites. If you want to see all of the changes in the Winter Update, check out the announcement on Civilization’s website. And as always, don’t forget that you can talk Civ and anything else over at our Discord!