Hand of Fate 2 Comes to PS4

The original Hand of Fate by Defiant Development launched in 2015 for the Xbox One and PC. The upcoming Hand of Fate 2 was expected to be the same, but fear not, PlayStation people! Defiant recently announced that the sequel will be headed to PS4 as well.

In addition to the PS4 news, Defiant also announced their latest companion: Captain Estrella Fiore. Wielding a sword and a pistol, Fiore is loyal to the Empire, ruled by the warrior turned tyrant from the original Hand of Fate. This presents a bit of a problem, as Hand of Fate 2 tells the story of the mysterious Dealer’s revival, and his training of an apprentice (you) to get revenge on the character from the original game. If you choose Fiore as your companion, don’t expect all of your choices to be easy. Outside of battle, Fiore will provide unique choices for random events just as any other companion, and give a bonus chance at the timing based mini-game Pendulum.


Hand of Fate 2 will launch simultaneously for Xbox One, Steam, and PlayStation 2 in Q1 of 2017. A combination of card game, third-person fighting game, and tabletop RPG, it will feature combat and deck-building elements. Much of it will have to be approached strategically, different decisions will have consequences and benefits, and the player may need to design a custom deck to win the hardest encounters. If you want to check out the original Hand of Fate and are on Xbox, it was a Games With Gold title back in February. So if you’re the kind of person who gets every GWG title, you might already have it! If not, it’s a very fun game, and one I definitely recommend looking in to. For more info on the latest Hand of Fate 2 reveal, check out Defiant Development’s news post.