Planet Coaster Gets Free Winter Update

Christmas has come early for Planet Coaster players, who today got a free winter-themed update to the game. The game has new rides, themes, shops, and scenarios for the holiday season. The update also comes with changes that give more information about rides, staff, and guests.


The update contains four new rides; bumper cars, a sleigh-themed track ride, an iron horse locomotive, and “the Collider”, a quickly spinning Ferris wheel that goes from a horizontal position to an angle of 87 degrees. In addition to the new rides, the winter update contains eleven new blueprints for pre-existing roller coaster designs. Rides also have prestige and reputation ratings, both of which can diminish on medium or harder challenge maps. You’ll have to keep both high for ride to stay popular, guests won’t want to ride a years old coaster in the “deteriorating” state.

In addition to rides, the winter update also adds three new scenarios. Festive Funland tasks the player with creating the most festive, Christmas-y park they can. Cavernous Coasters meanwhile forces players to work in a grotto, unable to sculpt the terrain. A far stretch from a snowy wonderland, to be sure. Lastly, Back From the Brink will test players’ skills and getting out of a pickle. Starting in debt with an abandoned park, they must find a way to turn things around.


Finally, the winter update adds a lot of snow- and winter-themed scenery to Planet Coaster. Gingerbread walls, snowmen, presents, and Christmas trees can be used to decorate parks in the new Arctic location. New shop and sign designs are also available, with the famous Cosmic Cow branching out from milkshakes into ice cream, among others.

Frontier Developments has also made a lot of smaller changes to Planet Coaster, like bug fixes, improved UI, and better staff, guest, and ride management. They’ve also added a new tutorial to their Youtube channel, teaching players more in-depth park management. If you want to check out the pretty large list of changes they’ve made, you can do so over at the Planet Coaster forums. The update is available for free to anyone who owns Planet Coaster, and should download automatically. Then, maybe you can make a ride that Santa would give up his sleigh for….