TES V: Skyrim Special Edition Prima Guide Review

In an age where the answer to any question can seemingly be found via a quick Google search, physical game strategy guides can seem a little redundant on paper (pardon the pun). However, get yourself a copy of, say, the Skyrim: Special Edition Prima Guide and you’ll soon see why these tomes of knowledge still hold a special place in my heart and assert their value with every page.

Having recently spent some time perusing this reissue of Skyrim‘s original strategy guide, timed with the release of Skyrim: Special Edition for current-gen platforms, I wanted to give this little gem a feature because I believe that these guides have been highly underrated in recent years, and this guide is absolutely one of the best examples around. Covering every tiny detail of this enormous game, from quests to locations, creatures to equipment and more, plus the content introduced through the DLC releases for the game, this book is absolutely the definitive guide to everything Skyrim.

Coming in at well over 1000 pages, you’re certainly getting your money’s worth with this guide, separated into easy-to-navigate categories including a Bestiary, Atlas, and of course the hundreds of individual quests available in the game, all organised by questlines like “Daedric” and “Dark Brotherhood”. It’s presented excellently throughout, with each page laid out in a format that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, with familiar visual styles taken from Skyrim‘s in-game menus and screenshots to help illustrate the task at hand dotted around generously. Such a layout and ease-of-navigation make it an excellent reference guide, something to keep going back to as you require through your time with the game.


Quite possibly the most valuable aspect of this guide is the amount of content it draws out of the game. As one of many people who spent far too long playing Skyrim, I was astounded to browse through the many quests detailed in the guide and find so many that I’d never even heard of. Such a quality make this just as valuable to veterans as it is to novice Dragonborns. For those completionists out there, the guide also features handy checklists in each category for players to tick off shouts, quests and more.

The official strategy guide for TES V Skyrim: Special Edition can be picked up in various retail outlets, bookstores and online stores such as DK for £14.99 GBP / $29.99 USD (RRP) and is available now!

[Many thanks to Prima/DK for sending over a copy for review!]