Marvel Teams Up With Square Enix For Multi-Game Partnership

Marvel Entertainment, the powerhouse comics publisher behind the MCU and some of the most popular superhero films in recent memory, is turning its sights on a new market: gaming. The company recently announced a partnership with Square Enix, the company behind games such as Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts.

The first game is, unsurprisingly, one of Marvel’s most popular IPs at the moment: the Avengers. The game will not be a movie tie-in game, but rather a separate entity with its own original plot. It’s safe to assume that all games will be the same; if not completely original, at the very least given a wide berth from the films. This is surely a relief for gamers everywhere, in a world filled with rushed-to-market tie-in games trying to ride the wave of popular film franchises. In fact, the future of the partnership looks to be the opposite of that, with slow cycles rather than fast. We don’t have a lot of information right now, which is kind of a good thing, in my opinion. The recent announcement is primarily about the partnership between Marvel and Square Enix than the games. One game is mentioned, the Avengers one, but little information is given about it. In fact, we won’t be learning more about the game until 2018, which hopefully means that enough time will go into it to make it a good game. They might pump out games, but I have my fingers crossed that won’t happen.


What we do know is that the Avengers game will likely take place sometime in the future. In the vein of IPs like The X-Men and The Incredibles, society appears to have turned its back on and shunned those with superpowers, leading to the break-up of the Avengers. The hashtag #Reassemble is being used for the campaign, while a teaser trailer starts with the line “they say the time of heroes is over. That if you’re different, you’re dangerous.” Mjolnir, Iron Man’s forearm, and Captain America’s shield are seen scattered throughout the charred rubble of a city. The game is being developed by Crystal Dynamics in conjunction with Eidos-MontrĂ©al, the developers behind the Tomb Raider and Deus Ex series, respectfully. A lot of talented people are working hard on this game, and I am personally looking forward to it!

Are you a Marvel fan? Are you looking forward to playing as your favourite superheroes?

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