Halo Legendary Crate (Lootcrate) #4 – Review

Halo’s very own Lootcrate, the Legendary Crate, is now over halfway through its first year – crate 4 is titled “Atriox and the Banished” and it’s one of my favourite drops yet! Let’s dive right into the contents…


The box itself follows the same design as previous ones, the cool, slick black & gold colour scheme, with a graphic of a Spartan-II adorning the inside, setting the scene for a Halo Wars 2 themed loot drop.

The lore pack comes in the same grey “Classified” envelope, and is one of the biggest packs yet. Featuring transmissions and background story on the events surrounding the UNSC Spirit of Fire following the end of Halo Wars, lore nuts will find plenty to absorb from these pages. Added bonuses come in the form of a visual assessment of upgrades to SoF and a handy diagram of all the unit types in Halo Wars 2.

The first thing that jumps out once you’ve consumed your bi-monthly dose of lore is this awesome Banished baseball tee. With the Banished name on the front and a classic “Atriox – 1” player number design on the back, this is a completely different design to what we’re used to. Sadly, this’ll have to remain a housebound lazy day shirt for me, despite being a medium shirt, it looks like they modelled it on Atriox himself, I’m swimming in cloth! Let’s hope it shrinks a tad in the wash…

Next up, this super neat idea made me chuckle. Legendary Crate subscribers can finally fulfill their dream and be just like Atriox himself with this Douglas-042 helmet stress ball. Feeling stressed? Pull out your gravity mace, grab a nearby Spartan helmet and prove that a Spartan is nothing more than a man by giving it a good squishing.

Speaking of Atriox, here’s the new Halo Icons figurine! Featuring the warlord himself striking one hell of a pose, this’ll fit in perfectly with the rest of your collection – running out of space on that shelf yet?

Yay, stationary! Seriously – I LOVE gaming themed stationary, it’s a little touch that can help to brighten a boring day at work or wherever you may need a Spirit of Fire Crewmember Logbook! Like it was pulled off the SoF herself, this neat A5 notepad will serve you well, with a two-year calendar in the back. Don’t go chilling in cryo – this calendar will be useless after 2018!

Pins pins pins pins PINS! I was one of the lucky few to nab a gold pin badge for this crate instead of the (admittedly cooler looking this time around) standard Banished logo pin badge with a red & black design. Soon I’ll have enough Halo pins to enter the Pokemon League!

Last, but not least, another addition to my desk at work, this Halo Wars 2 mousemat will be the perfect companion to anyone enjoying Halo Wars 2 on PC!

That wraps up crate number four! I’m still in love with these excellent loot drops, they’re great value and offer some awesome exclusive items. Head on over to Lootcrate and use coupon code “readyuplive” to bag 10% off your subscription – the next crate is all about The Great Schism and features an exclusive Arbiter-themed Halo Icons figure!

Which crates have you picked up so far? Any favourite items?

Let us know on the forums! (Spoiler tags please)