Halo 3 Anniversary is NOT Happening

Ske7ch, 343 Industries’ Community Manager, confirmed on Reddit.com/r/Halo that a remastered Halo 3 is not currently in development by the studio.

“I’ve been here just about 6 months now and haven’t ever heard of one single mention of Halo 3 coming to Steam nor Halo 3 anniversary being made. In fact, it’s been completely debunked multiple times over. Sorry to say but there’s no plans nor any work underway to make this happen. (though personally I can’t deny it would be sweet)”

Theories about the resurgence of the beloved Halo title were sparked after an AMD event in Korea briefly flashed a Halo 3 image.

This isn’t the first time the game has been debunked. Even Frankie himself denied the existence of the title.

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