Planet Coaster Releases Free Spring Update

The spring update for the theme park building game Planet Coaster is out, and it’s free for everyone who owns the game. The update features a number of new rides, such as the Steel Hydra roller coaster and the Elixir Machine, as well as new features such as dueling coasters and crime.

New Roller Coasters

  • STEEL HYDRA –  Planet Coaster‘s first suspended, swinging coaster.
  • TRIDENT – One of Planet Coaster‘s two new “shuttle coasters”, the Trident is a boomerang coaster that goes forwards and back on the same stretch of track.
  • BAKASURA – The second shuttle coaster in the update, the Bakasura is a large, inverted boomerang coaster.

New Flatrides

  • ELIXIR MACHINE – Teacups on steroids. Cars spin around quickly on a rotating platform, while an arm moves them up and down.
  • BIG WHEEL – A gigantic Ferris Wheel that is sure to look great in the middle of your park.
  • ZOZO – A vintage ride, the ZoZo has submarine shaped cars that are rotated on a giant arm, while spinning around their own z-axis.

New Track Rides

  • SPEED GO KARTS – A classic of birthday parties everywhere. Race around and around and around once more, and cross your fingers that nobody has a blue shell.

New Features

  • CRIME – Grumpy guests may turn to vandalize, and a few no-goodnicks to petty theft. Plop down some security guards and places some CCTV cameras, or your wild west-themed park may become all too real.
  • DUELING COASTERS – Synchronize up to five coasters to duel it out for roller coaster supremacy!
  • RIDE PRESTIGE – A revamp of the prestige system added in the Planet Coaster winter update, the prestige of outdated rides can be raised once more by careful rebranding.
  • BIGGER BLUEPRINTS, MORE COMPONENTS – Blueprint sizes are doubled, now allowing up to 4,000 separate pieces. Combined with over 150 new building components to work with, designers will be able to make some truly spectacular creations to share with the community.
  • NEW SCENARIOS – The Planet Coaster spring update comes with three new scenarios to tackle, including Chief Beef’s Raceway, Oak Island, and Downtown.

In addition to the new content, Planet Coaster will be getting some bug fixes and quality of life upgrades, including an improved UI, a new browser, and better search options. I’m certainly looking forward to trying out some dueling coasters, the dueling coasters in Roller Coaster Tycoon‘s Diamond Heights scenario were incredibly fun just to watch. The new, larger blueprint system will also be a lot of fun. I’m not much of a designer, but there are people in the community that can do some awesome things, and I’m excited to see what they can create with these new limits.

What about you? What parts of the latest Planet Coaster update are you looking forward to trying out? Be sure to tell us in the forums!