Beam Has Become Mixer, With a Slew of New Features

Beam, Microsoft’s first-party streaming service, has been renamed Mixer, and with the name change we’ve also received a number of new features, which I’ll go over in a bit. Microsoft has also announced that their E3 conference, which takes place June 11-15, will be broadcast on Mixer. The conference will be broadcast in 4K Ultra HD, and users who watch on Mixer will receive some special digital bonuses for watching. And if you already have a Beam or Microsoft account, don’t worry. Your account will be transferred over to Mixer, with your level and EXP intact.


Ever wanted to see your favourite streamers streamers stream together? This is one of the new updates in Mixer, available right now. Streamers will be able to put up to four separate streams on a single page, meaning you can watch all three of the Mainstreamers (or any other streaming team) at the same time. Streamers can also stream together from different devices, from Xbox to PC to mobile to live video stream. Want to watch some co-op Halo? Or two streamers on different devices playing different games just hang out? How about people nowhere near each other play a board game together? With co-streaming, all of that can be done.


Choose-your-own-adventure games are pretty popular these days, and Telltale Games is working with Mixer to bring that choice to stream viewers. Using “Crowd Play”, viewers will be able to vote on choices in games like Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series, The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, and BATMAN: The Telltale Series. Telltale also has future plans to bring this type of stream participation to future games across multiple different streaming platforms. The team behind Minecraft is working with Mixer as well, and we might see official game integration between the two in the future.


Mixer Create, an app for Android and iOS which is currently in beta, will allow streamers to broadcast right from their phones. While only video streaming is currently available, live-streaming of mobile gameplay will be available in the near future. That means you’ll be able to play Pokemon Go or Threes with your favourite streamers, who again can stream together across different types of devices.


Channel One is Mixer’s very own channel. On 24/7, Channel One will have stream highlights, news, big events, game releases, and more. Meanwhile, the Mixer Page is the”front page” of Mixer. Available now on the Xbox One dashboard for those in the Xbox Inside program, the Mixer Page will show off some a bunch of content from the streaming community, all available in one place.

Mixer’s launch is also being celebrated with a day of non-stop streaming over at, beginning at 11am PST/2pm EST on May 25. The stream will end with an interactive fireworks show at 9pm PST/12am EST. If you want more info on the change from Beam to Mixer, and what’s coming in the future, go check out the announcement on the Mixer blog.