RUL Night – GTA 5 – 5/19/17

It’s time, friends. It has been too long since we have caused chaos on the streets of Los Santos, but we’ll be changing that very soon. On Friday, May 19th we will be hosting an RUL Night on GTA 5 for Xbox One. So, if you haven’t already, get yourself in your spiffiest clothes, pimp out your rides, and stock up on ammo cause a long night of our craziest online adventures awaits us.

We hope to see you there! We also encourage everyone to capture Xbox screenshots throughout the night and post them to social media with the tag #RULNight. We will pick some to feature throughout our own social media platforms so everyone can see the aftermath of our epic game nights.

RUL Night Details:

When: Friday, May 19th

7PM Central Time

Gamertags for Invites:

Start a R1OT


*Please send a message when the event begins for an invite to the lobby