RUL’s E3 2017 Wishlist!

With only around a month until E3 2017, and the heaps of game reveals that come with it, there’s no better time for another edition of my E3 reveal wishlist! This year, I’m joined by some of my fellow writers who have some exciting E3 hopes of their own to share!

Tyler “Zerty”

Dead Space 4

After the “mixed” response to 2013’s action-oriented, less-scary Dead Space 3, rumours emerged that the Dead Space series had been cancelled, rumours so significant that EA felt it necessary to make a statement. That statement was that the series was alive and well, and was by no means cancelled. However, very little has been said on the matter since. Granted, Dead Space developer Visceral has been busy making Battlefield Hardline and now it seems an as-yet untitled Star Wars game, but the time is right for a new entry in the popular horror series.

Leaving it much longer runs the risk of the Dead Space fanbase losing interest, fans are crying out for a new, scarier sequel to continue the story where the enormous cliffhanger left off in the Dead Space 3: Awakened DLC and the first three entries are now backwards-compatible on Xbox One.With this high-profile Star Wars gig, I have to accept it’s not the most likely of announcements this year, but there’s no way I’m losing hope of seeing Isaac Clarke have at least one more rodeo.

Splinter Cell

It’s been 4 years since we were treated to the excellent Splinter Cell: Blacklist, a marriage of classic and modern Splinter Cell gameplay that pleased critics and fans alike. 4 years is a long enough holiday for everyone’s favourite spy, Mr Sam Fisher, right? With Blacklist‘s ending left well open for continuation, the Engineers not fully eradicated and Sam’s team fully operational, the stage is set perfectly for another well-rounded entry in this series.

Mark “Spook”

The question posed to me was, “what’s one thing you’re looking forward to from E3 2017?” With some great games already confirmed to have a presence, it’s the ones that aren’t that interest me most. I’m watching eagerly to see what next step Ubisoft takes with the Assassins Creed franchise – with a teaser* or two already out there, I’m hoping this is the place we see it. On top of that, I’m sure I’m not alone in the curiosity surrounding the 343i announcement that Halo 6 won’t be at E3, but another project of theirs will be. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited.



Carr “Foundation Afro”

Victoria III

As you probably know, I’m a big Paradox fan, and a big strategy game fan in general. I’ve never played Victoria II, I think it’s starting to show its age, but I’m hoping a new game will help get me into it. I’m not confident that this will happen, as it wasn’t announced at Paradox’s own recent convention, but I can dream.

Halo: ODST 2

ODST is probably my favourite Halo game, campaign-wise. We know we won’t be seeing Halo 6 or 3A (we won’t, get over it), but I might love this even more. If they can recreate what made the first game good; the slowness, the weakness, the exploration, I will love the sequel. It’s interesting that they can take away so much of what makes Halo Halo, and still have an amazing game with a Halo feel.

Mario Kart 9

I looooove Mario Kart, so much. I’m actually finding myself interested in the Nintendo Switch, but it will need some more big exclusives before I turn to it. I wouldn’t mind SSB either, but this is definitely my biggest one. Or at least my biggest multiplayer one….

3D Metroid

If we can get a new game in the style of Metroid Prime, I will jump for joy and buy a Switch immediately. Heck, I might even throw my Xbox and PC off a cliff. Who needs other games when you have Metroid Prime?

Shawn “Chewy”

…for God’s sake some new, interesting Microsoft exclusives.


What are you looking forward to at E3? Have you got a Wishlist?

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