ReadyUpLive Community Update – A Quick Thank You

Hello Ready Up Live Community! Yeah, the community update still exists! (Don’t I say that every time?). I digress though, there’s important things to discuss! I’m here today with a very brief but special announcement.

An Honour Bestowed Upon Few…

We at Ready Up Live love to highlight the community members who truly make RUL a great place. Today we’re going to be looking at two long time members, Fenix, and Raptor. These siblings have been staple members of our community for years, actively engaging with others, being friendly, joining game nights, and supporting our community through thick and thin. For these reasons, and many more our staff has chosen to honour these two.

It’s with great pleasure that I announce that we’re commending their love for others and our community by granting them the highest honour we can bestow on a community member, the title of VIP!

Please join me in congratulating the vandal siblings, Fenix & Raptor.

Three cheers for them, and everyone else who makes our community what it is. Amazing. <3

Much love,

Josh “Rebel Rouser” Heldman