Wargroove – E3 2017

Inspired by games like Fire Emblem and Advance Wars, Wargroove is an upcoming turn-based strategy game developed and published by Chucklefish. A top-down, pixel art game, the game features a story mode along with local and online multiplayer.

Wargroove features turn-based strategy combat in which the player move around the map leading armies and fighting enemies. Throughout the game, the player will have to push into enemy lands, while harvesting and managing the resources needed to build and maintain their armies. Players will also have to be on the defensive, making sure their HQ is protected from enemies. With up to four players able to play in each game, you can’t just leave your HQ alone because you’re pushing into an enemy’s land. If you’re not paying attention, another enemy can come up behind you and conquer your base, causing you to lose the game. Make sure you’re watching what everyone is doing, because you’re not going to want got get defeated because you were too busy somewhere else.

In addition to the multiplayer, Wargroove will feature a story-based, single-player campaign. Playing the single-player story will be integral to multiplayer, as it will allow you to unlock the over twelve Commanders from the game’s four different factions. Commanders are your power units in Wargroove, described as a mix between the king and queen in chess. Although very strong and manoeuvrable, they must also be protected at all costs—lose your Commander, and you lose the game.

In single-player, each Commander has their own campaign, letting you get to know their personality and motivations. In addition, players can make their own campaigns and maps, and share them with the world. Campaigns can be linear, or be full of branching paths. If you want your players to complete a set of tasks to unlock a shortcut to their goal, the campaign editor can let you do that. Want the shortcut to be a more dangerous route to take? Use the map designer to create a trek through the woods, full of monsters and bandits.

Both the map and campaign editors will be available right when the game releases, meaning you don’t have to wait to fly your creative flag, and loads of community single-player and multiplayer content will be available once you finish the main story. The game will also feature mod support, so any part-time game designers out there will really have their hands full.

Wargroove will be launching later this year for the PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, although more platforms may get added before release. And if you’re a fan of Chucklefish’s game Starbound, get even more excited, because one of the factions will be represented by the Florain race. More info is still coming out, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled.