As a 10 Year-Old Community, It’s About Time We Reorganize

In just over a month, Ready Up Live will turn 10 years old. 10! That’s practically a dinosaur in internet time. Over the years we’ve been through a whole lot together. RUL started as a forum community. As forums became essentially a thing of the past, the community gravitated to other mediums but persisted none the less. In 2017 Ready Up Live is primarily a Discord community.

As the company aged, so too did we. The RUL Staff come from all walks of life. Despite distance, we grew up alongside each other. Now, the majority of us have real life jobs, commitments, and families. As we looked at ourselves, we weren’t pleased with what we had become.

We attempted, despite better judgement, to restart a forum community. It didn’t take long to realize that if we didn’t want to use it, nobody else would either. Thus, we closed the forums forever. I think we needed to see it first-hand. We needed to get an idea of who we were and what direction we needed to go.

The Ready Up Live community is the best bunch around. As we examined our many missteps, we decided it was time to make some adjustments.

The staff needed to be reorganized and reinvigorated for a modern audience. Now that Discord and YouTube are the primary RUL mediums, our staff structure had to reflect that. I’d like to welcome Paul “Soterios” Wareheim as the new manager of Ready Up Live. As I am busy with… whatever it is I do… Paul will be guiding the ship.


“Howdy everyone. Soterios here. I’m very excited about the direction that we’re taking the community moving forward. Some changes will be subtle; some more dramatic. Through all of them I want to remind everyone that we will still be the same community. We will always be a friendly place to call home. We’re just evolving to fit the times.
Those of us behind the curtain are shuffling around a bit as well, but rest assured that all of us are still here. We’ve just shuffled the deck a little bit.
I am grateful for the opportunity to help Ready Up Live grow and can’t wait to see everyone again on games and in the Discord.”


I hope you’ll take the time to congratulate him on his new role in our Discord. Rebel Rouser will be taking the role of Social Media Manager.

Exciting times are ahead for Ready Up Live, and we can’t wait for you to be a part of it all.

– Dan “Greenskull” Hammill