RUL’s Weekly(Ish) Update [9/30/17]

After a brief break over EGX week, we’re back with another Weekly(ish) Update! We’re running a little shorter than usual this week, owing to some exciting post-EGX pieces coming your way soon… Enjoy!

RUL Content

Awakening The Nightmare
Greenskull recently got a chance to capture and share some of the first gameplay for Halo Wars 2’s “Awakening The Nightmare” expansion, featuring the chilling return of the Flood to the Halo universe. Beware of spoilers ahead…

Destiny 2 – Subway Playdate

Missed the Destiny 2 Subway playdate? Good news – we have a recap video of all the highlights!

Sea of Thieves

Do what you want because a pirate is free – YOU ARE A PIRATE.

Greenskull has a whole hour of Sea of Thieves gameplay in stunning 4K for you to enjoy, we can’t wait to dive into the full game!

Events – RUL GTA V Game Night

Who’s ready for some more crazy shenanigans this weekend?! We totally are. This Saturday (Sept. 30th) at 8pm Eastern we’ll be hopping onto GTA V (Xbox One) for the inevitable chaos and good times. To join, just message M457ERSP00K or RUL Mar when the RUL Night starts!

Merch Spotlight – AC Origins Apple of Eden Replica

Assassin’s Creed fans will be thrilled to know they will now be able to own a replica of the Apple of Eden, an artifact that has been central to the series since the beginning. A similar replica was released to tie-in with the movie, however the design was not that of the Apples depicted in the games and rather the one in the movie. Featuring LED effects, this 9.5cm Apple illuminates from the inside via a discreet button on the sphere, and includes a decorative, Egyptian-style base.

Community Content Spotlight

This week we’re all about Halo and Destiny! Remember, send in your community content to our dedicated channel on our Discord server and maybe you’ll feature in a future update!




Right, that’s all for this week – thank you everyone for stopping by!

As always I hope you’ve enjoyed this update, be sure to let us know what you think on social media or discuss with the community on our Discord server!

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– Ty