RUL’s Weekly(Ish) Update – Third Time’s a Charm

It’s that time of the week again (yes I’m a day late, shhhh), we’re back with another update, featuring awesome community content, a guest column by Content Producer Mark, RUL event news and more!

RUL Content

Destiny 2 is here! Within less than 24 hours of the release, Greenskull managed to find an awesome Borderlands Easter egg AND break the game…

RUL News

Those pesky Russian spambots and naughty Discord hooligans had better watch out, we added two brand-new community Moderators this week!

Actual photograph of us bestowing Fenix with the hammer whilst Raptor looks on with keen eyes…

Joining current server moderator Splice are long-time members Fenix and Raptor – we’ve tripled the team, and as a result tripled the number of banhammers floating around… so be on your usual best behaviour.

Guest Column – Mark “M457ERSP00K” Barry

This week, we’re guesting Mark for a new opinion column, looking at the culture of negativity and shunning within the gaming community. Be sure to let us know what you think on the subject via social media or discuss on Discord!

“Hello, my name is Mark – and I’m a Filthy Casual.

What I mean to say is that I once played video games day in and day out for hours on end. My controllers would wear down in weeks, not months or years. I would learn every quest, map, angle, tip and trick and I would clock forty, sixty, even eighty hours a week playing video games. Then one shocking day everything changed as puberty culminated and suddenly I was an adult. It was time for me to be productive in society in order to sustain my very existence.

As many of us reach that time in our lives where we have to become functioning members of society we quickly realize that we cannot dedicate the amount of time we once did to our favorite games. We get jobs, move out, go to college – we mature and support ourselves and families. We quickly change gears and prioritize what’s important, or at least we should. But yet the term I see often used for someone who doesn’t know every in or out of a game, who isn’t up to date on the newest trick or update, or is just trying to play for the experience and enjoyment is ‘Filthy Casual.’ I ask why we must always be so negative?

With so many titles focusing on the budding generation of new players who have the luxury of excessive, and continuous, play – it leaves most of us with no hope of competing. So instead of trash talking, demeaning, or trolling these ‘filthy casuals’ why not try to communicate to them what you may have learned. Toss a few tips, tricks, or hints their way instead of screaming into the mic or messaging to tell them to uninstall a game. It’s not only bad for the community – it’s bad for you. When you reach that day, and you realize that you’re not on top of your game and that you’ve become the ‘Filthy Casual’ – you’ll be the one getting those messages and resistance from those who were once like you.

At this stage in my life I prefer to return to what I really enjoyed about games – the experience; not the over-investment of my time for little to no real world return. Truthfully, we can’t all be famous eSports players, streamers, and YouTube content creators; and as time goes on the viability of those professions is fading as a reliable source of income. This means that eventually you too will become like me, a Filthy Casual, you just may not have as nice a beard as I. Now whilst that change may not be for the same reasons as others, and it really doesn’t have to be, what we need to focus on is the fact that there is nothing wrong with being a casual player. Casual players can still provide a lot to the gaming experience, and unless they’re in your ranked competitive lobbies – there is no reason to fret. Settle in with us and enjoy the experience itself.

The future is inevitable kids. Embrace what comes next, and accept that you’ll see casual players online. As I’ve said before – the community needs people like you to take positive steps, or even just less negative ones, toward their fellow gamer. Our fine community is already very good at this but there is no reason not to extend that signature RUL Family support to everyone – maybe even invite them in if they appreciate the effort. Understanding that life exists beyond the game is the first step, the next is embracing all gamers – even us Filthy Casuals – and making the gaming environment as a whole more enjoyable for everyone.

So – with that I say more appropriately;

Hello, my name is Mark – and I’m a Relatively Clean Casual Gamer.”

Events – RUL X  Celebratory Gamenight!

It’s nearly here! Come join us starting 4pm PT on September 16th for some chaos on GTA V, followed by our customary shenanigans on Halo 5!

Merch Spotlight – Destiny 2 “Ghaul” Shirt

Staying topical this week with an awesome piece of Destiny 2 gear…

Being a Hunter main, proud Browncoat and all round huge fan of Nathan Fillion’s dulcet tones, this quote in Destiny 2 is funny enough as it is. With this hilarious shirt from the Bungie store, you can parade on of D2’s best lines around wherever you go, and in reasonable comfort too…

Community Content Spotlight

We’re back with another spotlight, this week we’re treated to some excellent Destiny & Halo creations!

Remember, if you want to submit a creation to potentially feature in our Updates, be sure to post it up in #original-content on our Discord server and share it with the community!


Yoltz Butter


Thanks for checking out this week’s update! As always I hope you’ve enjoyed this update, be sure to let us know what you think on social media or discuss with the community on our Discord server! Now, get back to your post, Guardian, the Red Legion won’t kick themselves out of Earth.

Until next time…

– Ty