RUL’s Weekly(ish) Update – On time, again?

Happy Friday, folks! We’re back with another weekly update, with what may be a new record of two updates in a row, on time! *cue Grunt Birthday Party confetti*

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

RUL Content


Last weekend saw us turn a whopping 10 years old, and to celebrate, the boss man himself sat down and spoke to the importance of this milestone, with a few familiar faces joining him…

Art, art and more awesome art!

As part of our anniversary celebrations, our incredibly talented artist Scribs put together a collage of sorts, showcasing a whole range of amazing works he’s created for the community in nearly 5 years!

EVE: Valkyrie Warzone Event

Do you like space, ships and explosions? Check out the gameplay Dan picked up at an exclusive EVE: Valkyrie event in Germany recently!

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Haven’t had a chance to pick up Nintendo’s latest release yet? Greenskull has you covered with some first-look gameplay of Kingdom Battle! Click here to view the VOD on Mixer.

Top Gaming News

Halo 5: Guardians – Weapon Tuning Update

Change is afoot on the battlegrounds of Halo, Spartans. Check out this update from 343 Industries to get the lowdown on what will be changing and when…

Destiny 2

It’s almost time, Guardians… Bungie’s much-anticipated sequel, Destiny 2, launches in less than a week on September 6th!

As is customary, the developer is giving the community an opportunity to gear up and gain some experience before dropping the game’s first big Raid. As reported on Eurogamer, the Raid will launch a week later on September 13th! Soon after, on September 15th, Destiny 2’s Trials will launch for all players. Nightfall activities will be available at launch.

Guest Column – Carr “Foundation Afro” Nyuli

For our first guest column entry, I’ve asked Carr from our Content team to join us for a brief reminiscence of his five years as a member of the community!

“Friday updates. Hoo, I’ll have to get used to these! This one I think will be pretty easy, because we had a very special day recently. Ready Up Live, happy tenth birthday. A decade, wow.

I’ve been at RUL for around just over five years now, and despite the fact that I missed nearly half of it, I almost feel like I’ve been around the whole time. I’ve made so many friends and had so many opportunities because of this outstanding website, and done things that I’d never thought I’d get the chance to do. Ready Up Live has changed a lot since I joined back in spring of 2012, but it’s still as amazing as it ever was.

The forum used to be such a massive part of it, how RUL started in fact, and now we’ve seen it come to an end. Heck, I still even remember one of the first threads I posted. You know that narwhal video? Yeah, that one. Someone had posted it earlier, and my thread was quickly closed. I still remember something as simple that, I can’t believe it. Throughout the years, I’ve made so many more memories, and I’m looking forward to so many in the future. We’ve changed a lot, and we’re going to have a lot of changing in the future, and I look forward to all of it.

As I write this, I’m sitting in the airport café waiting to fly out of town for PAX. I’m actually tearing up a bit. Maybe it’s the memories, maybe it’s the fact that I’m sitting under a TV with really depressing news on, or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve had water stronger than this coffee. Whatever it is, I can say this: happy belated birthday, RUL. Here’s to ten more.”


Not at PAX Prime with the RUL crew this week? Neither am I! To drown our sorrows, we’re looking at doing some impromptu, unofficial get-togethers in the community, with games, movies and possibly more!

Keep an eye on our social media and Discord announcements for more info!

Merch Spotlight – Insert Coin: GoW

(Image used with kind permission of Insert Coin)

Those who know me well will tell you I’m an absolute sucker for awesome gaming merchandise. With that in mind I apologise in advance for the damage you may incur to your bank balances following the Weekly Update. From time to time you may see a Merch Spotlight appear in these articles, a space dedicated to highlighting some of the coolest merchandise floating around the internet!

For the first entry, I’d like to show a little love to a fantastic UK gaming apparel brand called Insert Coin. It’s no secret that I’d a huge fan of their products, I have an entire drawer filled with shirts from several different series including Halo, Assassins Creed, Resident Evil, Pokemon and more… I’ve always been impressed with the quality of the clothing, and the team at Insert Coin are a fantastic group of wonderful, friendly people. Be sure to go and say hi to them at EGX if you’re going in a few weeks!

The designs stand out for being eye-catching and fun for fans of the series, but subtle enough that a non-gamer could walk by and assume it’s a normal shirt design. I’m not a fan of drawing attention to myself in public, so to have a brand that mitigates this attention whilst allowing me to rep my favourite series is awesome.

Fans of Gears of War will be especially pleased, as Insert Coin have just launched a brand-new range dedicated to everyone’s favourite chainsaw-wielding, Horde-squishing shooter franchise!

Community Content Spotlight

Time for us to show off the incredible stuff you guys create! Remember, if you want to share anything you’ve made with the community, be sure to post it in our #original-content channel on our Discord server, and remember to tell us a bit about it!

This time, we’ve picked a couple of excellent Spartan drawings, an unboxing of the awesome new Razer Goliathus Destiny mousemats by long-time member blueamcat and something very special indeed…





This particular creation caught my eye as I was searching through our Discord channel… Veteran member InfamousLemons shared his WIP RPG game with the community, best explained in his own words:

“Here is a link to an RPG I started making as a “thank you” for all RUL has done for me over the years. I would love this to become a community project… Take the alpha and reupload it after you make any changes with a changelog to help others build upon the work. I don’t want credit at all for this but would love the community as a whole to take credit together, as a way of bringing out some amazing talent. Have fun with this and lets see what it becomes! [Software Required – Dropbox Link

For anyone who thinks they can help, don’t be afraid to take a look, discuss on Discord or with InfamousLemons himself directly! I’m very excited to see where this goes…

Whew, that was a lengthy one, if you’ve made it this far, have a cookie! As always I hope you’ve enjoyed this update, be sure to let us know what you think on social media or discuss with the community on our Discord server!

Until next time…

– Ty