Hand of Fate 2 Launches November 7

The release date for Hand of Fate 2 was announced earlier today, with the title launching for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on November 7. In addition to a release date, the developers have also announced the fourth and final companion for the player, Ariadne of Stiegal. The game will launch at $29.99/€24.99.

Developed once again by Defiant Development, Hand of Fate 2 follows the same gameplay as its predecessor, playing as a mix between collectable card, board game, and hack-and-slash RPG. The player moves through a board with tiles made of cards, with each containing things like encounters, events, and weapons. The deck is semi-created by the player, and while some cards have to go in (you can’t create a deck with no or low-level encounters to breeze through a match, for example), it is also important as the game goes on to pay close attention to cards you have a choice over. Collecting and subsequently adding a strong weapon or favourable event card might be the difference between a win and a loss. Hand of Fate 2 also adds weapon types and fighting styles to the game, which means deciding on a new weapon will be more difficult than the “that one does more damage” of the first game.

Another new feature in Hand of Fate 2 is the introduction of companions. Companions help you along your quest, both in combat and on the board. For example, the most recently announced, Ariadne of Stiegal, is a tanky melee character that can break enemies’ armour. Outside of combat she can duplicate cards during events. Since the randomness of Hand of Fate is built around choosing one card out of many, having more of the one you want can offer a huge relief to the RNG-challenged.

More information will be revealed in the coming weeks about Hand of Fate 2 on Defiant’s website, as well as on the game’s social media.