RUL’s Weekly(ish) Update [10/16/17]

We’re back for another Weekly(ish) Update! This week features a cringe-filled throwback over on the RUL channel, some great community creations and a column by yours truly!

RUL Content

Who doesn’t love a good throwback? This particularly entertaining video goes back over the history of the RUL YouTube channel and features several cringe-inducing excerpts from early videos. Let us know what your favourite part was!

Events – Town of Salem (Take Two)

Unfortunately, this week’s Town of Salem game night had to be postponed due to significant Discord outages. The good news is you won’t have to wait long to get your fix of backstabbing, accusations and judgment! Keep an eye out on Discord and social media for more info very soon…

Merch Spotlight – Transtar Standard Issue Mug

If you’re anything like me, a mundane, repetitive work day can leave you wanting nothing more than to start up your favourite game and get out of the real world for a short while. The next best thing is to bring your videogames into the real world with cool stationary and gear based off in-fiction items like this coffee mug from the Bethesda Store.

Seeing this in the cupboard on my coffee breaks always brings a small smile to my face – if you’re a fan of Prey I suggest you get yourself one too!

What game-themed gear do you have at work? Share your favourite stationary, mugs, and other gear with us in the comments!

Editor Column

This week, it’s my turn to give you a column, and whilst I’m reviewing The Evil Within 2, my thoughts turn to my experiences with horror games and the odd habits I have whilst gaming…

“Over the last couple of days, I have been spending most of my weekend alone at home immersing myself in The Evil Within 2, the next chapter in Shinji Mikami’s terrifying psychological horror franchise. To no surprise, I have spent most of my play time clenching every muscle in my body as the tense environments play with my heart rate like a hand puppet. Despite the several hours I have spent in this game so far, I have noticed something rather odd – I have actually spent even more time NOT playing this game.

Now, please allow me to elaborate a little, as the above sounds like a rather pointless statement. When I say “not playing the game”, I’m actually referring to the time spent sat in front of the TV with the game actually paused, whilst I check my phone, watch videos and do other irrelevant activities, despite having sat down specifically to play the game.

Whilst this may sound like a criticism of the game, that perhaps it’s not holding my interest, let me be very clear that this is not remotely the case. The best explanation I have come up with is that I am procrastinating playing this game, out of pure fear and nothing more. I didn’t notice my tendency to do this right away, in fact I never have over my years of horror games up until today. It’s a totally automatic and subconscious reaction to horror games, and only horror games as these distractions often go on much longer than the quick phone checks we all do when playing other kinds of games.

As contradictory as it sounds, I honestly think this is a sign of great game design. I can say for certain that I am absolutely hooked on this game and I want to get right back into it even as I type. If a game can not only gain your interest, but get such a grip on your mind and emotions that your mind is doing unusual things as a direct response to the game’s content, then it shows the immersion and depth built into the game is working (perhaps too well).

Do you have any peculiar habits or behaviours whilst gaming? Share them with us and make me feel just a little bit more normal!

Community Content Spotlight

This week we have a hand-drawing of Hawkman by Fenix, and a pair of very moody, nighttime Halo screenshots by Squae and Marcel!




Remember, if you want to submit a creation to potentially feature in our updates, be sure to post it up in #original-content on our Discord server and share it with the community!

That’s all for this week – thanks for reading as always!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this update, be sure to let us know what you think on social media or discuss with the community on our Discord server!

Until next time…

– Ty