RULs Weekly(ish) Update [10/9/17]

Welcome back to another Weekly(ish) Update, everyone! Bored of me yet? Of course not, you have great taste in content. Let’s get into it…

RUL Content

Halo Recruit, a mixed reality Halo experience, has been announced and is releasing on October 17!

BioWare’s Anthem will be having a beta! Check out the full details in the video below…

Its been a few weeks since Destiny 2 launched, and Greenskull is ready to share some thoughts on the blockbuster sequel!

Events – Town of Salem

Community-favourite Town of Salem is coming up as our next RUL Game Night! Keep an eye out for details coming very soon…

Image result for town of salem

Merch Spotlight – Halo 3 10th Anniversary Tee

Halo 3 recently celebrated its 10th birthday! To coincide with this, the Halo merch team came up with this beautiful anniversary tee available on J!NX. Check it out!

Community Content Spotlight

This week we’re featuring our very own Soterios’ drawings (who knew Plao could art?!), Squae’s Halo: Reach screenshot, and not forgetting Apple’s wonderful message to our Social Media Specialist, Drax! Happy birthday from everyone at RUL!




Remember, if you want to submit a creation to potentially feature in our updates, be sure to post it up in #original-content on our Discord server and share it with the community!

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– Ty