RUL’s Weekly(ish) Update [11/6/17]

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with some huge game releases, but now we’re back for another update!

This time we’re looking at some fantastic pieces of artwork and design by community members, our first impressions of Xbox One X and The Evil Within 2, and a guest column on RUL Game Nights by our very own Mark (Sp00k)!

RUL Content

Xbox One X Unboxing

Greenskull got sent an Xbox One X console from Microsoft to unbox – check out this video for his first impressions!

Evil Within 2 – Review
I spent 15+ hours scaring myself silly so I could tell you all about The Evil Within 2 – check it out here!

Community Content Spotlight

This week, we have a Slayer map from user arpod, a beautiful Sovngarde screenshot in Skyrim from TheNamesBasic and a Cayde-6 drawing from Mythwing SJS so good, I didn’t even realise it was a drawing at first!


“Martian Mine” – Map Link

Mythwing SJS


Remember, if you want to submit a creation to potentially feature in our updates, be sure to post it up in #original-content on our Discord server and share it with the community!

Merch Spotlight – Xbox One Recon Tech Controller

This week we’re taking a look at the “Recon Tech” special edition controller from Microsoft. I don’t own this edition but I had the pleasure of using a friend’s recently and I was bowled over by how amazing this piece of kit looks and feels in person.

Being a bit of a controller snob, I’m very picky about the controllers I use, I only use my Elite at home and NOBODY else gets to touch it as friends will gladly tell you.

Despite all this, the Recon Tech controller felt excellent to use, build quality was great and it had a reassuring weight to it. The gold detailing makes it really stand out from a bland black controller and the grips on the back add an extra premium touch.

Find it on the Microsoft Store for $69.99 MSRP!

Game Nights – Why We Play Together

This week we have Mark (Sp00k) from our team joining us in this update. As part of the community team, Mark plays an important role helping us run our well-loved and popular game nights, and has a few things to say about these wonderful nights!

“Have a seat; I’d like to chat with you quick about something that means a lot to us. Game Nights, why they’re important – and why you always see us doing them.

Ready Up Live is a community, often dubbed the friendliest around *signal fanfare*, but being a community who chats and shares the occasional meme just isn’t enough for us – and it’s sure as hecking heck shouldn’t be enough for you. We’re a community of gamers from all walks of life and from time to time it’s nice to walk the same path together. I mean we’re really just a big ol’ family and what kind of family doesn’t have a Family Game Night? This is why we organize these sessions, to give us all the opportunity to play together and experience the games we love with the people we kinda sorta like a lot.

Fun fact: This was actually taken from my first RUL game night! (5th Anniversary) – Ty

The truth is, playing together strengthens our connections and helps to bind our community together just that much more, and we love it. We often couldn’t find more joy than joining a lobby full of RUL folks chatting and joking with each other, even as we get sniped off of mongooses by a certain crack shot staff member. No matter what we’re doing, be it taking over online lobbies, assaulting the objective using only trenching shovels, or calling on the best GTA UBER service around – we do those things together and grow as a community. It’s these game nights that help to give us another source of interaction and fun, not to mention comedic gold. Your abs will hurt after, or it’s free¹!

We try to host a major game night at least twice a month on a Friday or Saturday playing the games we all love so we can get as many of us together as possible. Keep an eye out for announcements on upcoming Game Nights and some other fun tidbits.

Next Game Night – Battlefield 3

November 11 th , 2017 8pm EST / 5pm PST / [Nov. 12] 1am GMT / 12pm Nov 12 AEDT

¹ game nights are always free – what’s your excuse?”

That’s all for this week – thanks for reading as always!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this update, be sure to let us know what you think on social media or discuss with the community on our Discord server!

Until next time…

– Ty