Bungie reveals the Dawning, Destiny 2’s first seasonal event

Earlier today we got a better look at the first of Destiny 2’s seasonal events, the Dawning. The event will run for three weeks, beginning next Tuesday, December 19th and concluding on January 9th. With the Dawning comes a multitude of new festive features and changes to get Guardians in the holiday spirit.

Once the event begins, players will find the Tower blanketed in a fresh coating of snow, along with Dawning decorations hung all around the social space. In addition, the soccer field in the Tower’s hanger will be transformed into an ice hockey rink, new Dawning-themed cosmetic items will become available in the Eververse shop, and giant snowballs will begin appearing across many of Destiny 2’s locales, able to be picked up for some friendly snowball fights with your friends (or foes)!

The biggest surprise of all, perhaps, is the return of one of Destiny’s most beloved PVP modes: Mayhem. In this mode, players are pitted against each other in typical Crucible fashion, but with ability recharge rates cranked up substantially. The absolute chaos of grenades, supers, and other abilities all popping off constantly throughout a match was some of the most fun to be had in Destiny 1’s Crucible, and its return is more than welcome in Destiny 2.

For more details on the Dawning, check out Bungie’s full blog post on the event right here.